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    Default 8th Ed Special Weapons List - Lost to the Warp?

    Hello everyone,

    I bought the Grey Knights codex today after just starting to collect again, and I want to build my models 'right' for the squad, the lore and my own goals. I got myself a GK Purifier Squad and I've quickly run into an issue. According to the Codex, for every 5 units in the squad (incl. Justicar?) I can replace two weapons with Special Weapons. I have assumed my Justicar's switch to a Nemesis daemon hammer is covered by the rule regarding melée weapons. The term 'special weapons list' in the codex is in italics, so I'm assuming there's an actual list somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find it. All I can find are the regular melée and ranged weapon lists, and there is no defining what a special weapon is. I even looked at the rulebook and index, and neither of them have a specific 'special weapons list', nor even mentions of one or even what the term means!

    I would really appreciate any clarification as to what special weapons are, and how to recognise them within the index and codex books.

    Thank you!

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    And guess who found them? Me! They were in the introduction-y segment for the rules for the GK minis.




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