I've got a local tournament coming up soon and plan on taking my new dark angels army. Since I won't have time to playtest the list I've come to the internet for some advice. I'm trying to bring a reasonably strong army but I do make some choices based on simply liking the model as the tournament has no real prizes on the line. 1
Restrictions include:
  • 2 Detachments max
  • No Supreme Command, Air Wing or Superheavy detachments
  • 3 flyers max
  • Max 1 of Super-Heavy Auxiliary, Fortification Network or Auxiliary Support detachments
  • No primarchs

Game type will be rolled from Eternal War and finishing deployment first gives +1 to roll off to see who plays first.

My current list is as follows:

HQ: 280 pts
Belial 150pts
Terminator Interrogator-Chaplain 130pts
Storm Bolter, Crozius Arcanum

Belial may have to be swapped for a regular Terminator Chapter Master, depending on whether I can counts as him, Interrogator-Chaplain may also have to be swapped as I need to recover some parts from a biker Interrogator-Chaplain.

Troops: 310 pts
Scouts 96 pts
4x sniper rifles, 1x missile launcher
Scouts 96 pts
4x sniper rifles, 1x missile launcher
Tac Squad 118 pts
3x Bolter Marines, Sergeant with Combi-Plasma, Heavy with Missile launcher

Elites: 649 pts
Deathwing Ancient 125 pts
Storm Bolter and Fist
Deathwing Knights 250 pts
4x Deathwing Knight, 1x Knight Master
Deathwing Terminators 274 pts
3x Bolter and Fist, 1x Bolter, Fist and Cyclone Launcher, Sergeant with Bolter and Power Sword

Outrider Detachment:
HQ: 183 pts
Sammael on Corvex 183 pts

Fast Attack: 402 pts
Ravenwing Bike Squad 102 pts
2x Chainsword, 1x Sergeant with boltgun
Black Knights 150 pts
3x Plasma Talon
Black Knights 150 pts
3x Plasma Talon

Flyer 175 pts
Nephilim Jetfighter 175 pts
Avenger Mega Bolter

The idea is that the greenwing (scouts and tac marines) go for objectives and target hordes with frag missiles while also potentially picking off characters with the sniper rifles. The ravenwing (Sammael and the bikers/black knights) provides mobile fire support, rerolling 1s on the plasma talons with Sammael and the Jetfighter either targets enemy flyers or provides more fire support with the ravenwing. Finally the deathwing (termies and remaining characters) deep strike where needed with the characters providing rerolling misses and failed wounds along with +1 attack so that the knights in particular can mince anything they come into contact with.

The changes I have the models to make include moar termies (I have something like 30+ spare, I got them cheap), more regular bikes (dark vengeance ones so plasma is the only special weapon), a champion and apothecary each from ravenwing/deathwing along with a biker librarian and power armored Chapter Master.