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    Default Wish I had time to play, so i Lurk

    I was a big Confrontation 2nd ed player. I loved that system. I'd like to find a skirmish level, growing character system like it. I am getting back into Battletech (cause I've got some lying around). I'm also looking for some minis to try out Full Thrust. Work, School, and family take most of my time, my aquariums and fishing take up much of the rest.
    That's me in a nut shell.


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    Hi, you seem to be busy then at least you have time for everything However, yes! once in a while you should have time to relax and play.

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    Set time for everything. I suggest you allocate a time to plan for the things that you are going to do for the day. Then block your schedule so that you are focused on finishing it. Practice effective time management. Good luck!



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