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    Default My eldar list! help with the points!

    hi so i havent played 40k since the month before 8th edition so i need some help on how much my list costs! i dont have any rule books handy so ill ask here!

    1 Farseer with singing spear

    10 guardians shuriken cannon
    5 avengers no exarch
    2 x 3 wind riders with 1 squad with scats one with shuriken cannons
    3 x warwalkers with scats
    vyper with scat
    wind serpent with lance
    wraith knight sun cannon
    crimson hunter exarch with laser lance and pulse laser
    5 wraith blades with axes
    and thats it!!
    so how much points is it? and how can i improve this list!
    and im not sure on how the points work.
    do you add the points per model for say 5 and you have a squad of 5 of them so its 25 then you have to pay for the extra wargear? thanks!

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    You really are better off getting the Codex and doing your points cost for your self because its going to change your list. Plus there are quite a few changes to unit stat's from the Index : Xenos lists which left the old codex and rules way behind.

    How the points work? Unless it says somewhere in the codex/index points are for the unit models + weapons, plus where applicable any war gear. Some times the weapons don't add points because they are listed at zero. But do you still take the choice? So yes, say 5 points per guardian, thats 10 x 5 = 50 plus heavy weapons. The catapults come in at 0

    For example, your guardians pay for each model, then the weapons platform, then the weapon on it. Incidentally that is purely and only a Shuriken Cannon now. Given the limited way Warlocks work your Guardians are now quite vulnerable.

    Your Vypers are questionable, they are more expensive, not tough and have a low wound count. It's -1 to your BS if you load heavy weapons on them and move, (Shuriken Cannons are Assault now). They only Advance D6 now, unlike the bikes, and can't shoot if they do, so slow for a skimmer. And they don't have access to the vehicle equipment list.

    War Walkers look a good option being able to flank, still have an inv' save, and have battle focus so that if you used Shuriken Cannons instead of scats they could come on, fire at full BS and get that 6+ wound rule that pumps up their AP. Still don't have access to vehicle equipment list though. Same cost as Vypers but leaves them for dead.

    Your Wave(Wind) Serpent is still a good choice, especially as Crystal Target Matrix is a low cost option, available every turn and gives you full BS for every weapon after movement.

    Your Wraitknight is 400 + points & then there is the weapons cost. For the cost of the Wraithknight you could field 3 pretty good Wraith lords with multiple weapons plus glaive and sit a Warlock behind them and you have a lot more damage to deal out.

    The Crimson Hunter option looks a lot more attractive, good fire power, lots of wounds, harder to hit and better toughness than vypers, & the Exarch gets re-rolls on 1's.

    But for the moment points have gone up so force size drops, though you do have power points to use instead. But that force is a smidge under 2000

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    i am a bit confused in the battle focus thing , why does shuricannons benefit it from it big time? and im not the most native speaker so can anyone reword it please? Thanks

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    Battle Focus has been in since the codex before last. Now it means that a unit can move & advance and still shoot except for heavy weapons. (It used to be move run & shoot or move shoot and run). The difference is now, you can't shoot heavy weapons if you advanced, and the advance always precedes shooting. The reason a Shuriken Cannon is now better is because it is classified as an assault weapon rather than a heavy weapon. Thus the rules for assault weapons apply to it. The advantage from Battle Focus is that it doesn't even get a -1 penalty to hit even though it advanced.

    Bye the bye, it seems I'm going blind as I totally missed the fact that the SC could be swapped out for a heavy weapon on the Guardian grav platform. I'm still moody about the fact that the platform costs 5 points but gives you no benefit, so your heavy weapons simply cost five points more for Guardians than any other unit.

    So, Battle Focus not quite as good as it was, and Shuricannon now an assault weapon not heavy so does not get to hit penalty if it moves and BF negates to hit penalty if it advances and shoots.



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