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    Default BATTLE REPORT THREAD: Tyranids Codex week 11/6/2017

    Army Lists
    Hive Fleet Cobra Kai (AdamHarry)

    Tyrant – 183
    Tyranid Prime – 107

    Dakkafex (3) – 345

    Dakkafex (3) – 345

    Screamer-Killer (3) – 360

    Ripper Swarm (6) – 66

    Tyranid Warriors (3) – 90
    Tyranid Warriors (3) – 90
    Termagants (20) – 80
    Termagants (20) – 80

    6/6 CP
    1746 Points

    Ultramarines (StableAbe)
    Captain in Terminator Armor w/ Relic Blade and Stormbolter – 128

    LT W/ master crafted boltgun-63

    5x Tactical Marines – 65
    Land Raider w/ Storm Bolter and Sergeant Chronus -393

    10x Hellblasters w/ Assault Plasma Incinerator – 340

    Razorback W Twin Heavy Bolters and Storm Bolter- 84
    Redemptor w/ H Onslaught Cannon, Onslaught Cannot, Icarus Missle Launcher, 2x Fragstorm Launchers – 206
    Librarian w. Force Sword – 105
    7x Tactical Marines – 116 w/ missile launcher
    7x Tactical Marines – 116 w/ lascannon
    5x scouts w/ Heavy bolter -65
    Company Ancient – 63 Relic- Standard of the Emperor Ascendant
    6/6 CP
    1750 PL

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    For Adam: how much were you constrained by models on hand today? How much differently do you think things would have gone if you think if you had stealers instead of gaunts (points constraints notwithstanding) for the trek across the table? Any stratagem nastiness with the fexes that you might have done, given the chance?

    Also: Abe's Dread got really lucky.
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    I got dead lucky with the Dread there. In fact I'd say I got pretty lucky over all the game making just a ton of saves. I think it may have averaged out over the game, but a lot of my stuff stayed in the fight a turn longer than it should have.

    Adam did have some crazy stratagem that we both forgot about that could have been a big deal, but I'll let him talk about that.

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    Heya Abe. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    You had some things that stuck around, but you also had some things obliterated in a single turn that you might expect to survive another turn, too, from how it looked to me. The dread was obviously the stand out, but on the last turn, your tac squad on the middle objective was crushing as well.

    I think you would have been in real trouble from the start had Adam not wanted to include all those dakkafexes. There was a similar matchup that Tabletop Tactics did on youtube the other day, and the castling Ultramarines player was obliterated by the bugs. I'd be on the lookout for Swarmy and stealers backed up by a broodlord.

    Edit: Also, if you check out the TT game, the mawloc... how could I forget. I can't think of a better/more dangerous distraction unit off the top of my head.
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    I didn't go to the LVO but I'm still a reasonably OK-ish person.



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