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    Default Deathwatch Review

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to share with you my first thoughts after getting a pre-release copy of Deathwatch at Gen Con. I want to start by saying I am not much of a role-player. I haven't even played the other 40k role playing games. I am more of a table top gamer. And with that preface I want to say that Deathwatch is awesome.

    The hordes mechanic is great. This mechanic allows space marines to fight mobs of enemies. This way the GM can have 40 guardsmen charge a space marine and the GM doesn't have to roll 40 times. It is a little wonky but the amount of time that it saves makes it worth it.

    I like the way that Fantasy Flight set up the chapters to function like races in D&D, and the specialties are the equivalent to classes. It makes the system familiar.

    The fluff is great. They talk about the history of the Deathwatch how it came to be and how the structure works. They also have tons of fluff on the Jericho Reach and the Imperium. Both of which I have yet to read.

    Overall I think it is great. I can't wait to play a campaign. Anyways if anyone else got a pre-release copy feel free to share your thoughts.

    If you are super bored (or interested) I wrote a deathwatch post on my blog. I warn you it is a little dry. haha. If you haven't seen the collectors edition it looks ridiculously cool.
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