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    Default Legend of the Five Rings

    So last night we played Legend of the Five Rings and it was a really solid game overall!

    I played as the Lion clan and Abe played as the Scorpions. The Lions are meant to be honorable and militaristic and the Scorpions are more willing to be dishonorable and using sneaky tactics.

    One of the things I really liked about the game was the amount of customization available to a player during setup. You have a selection of different clans to select from and they're each going to have different strengths. But even within that, there's the deck building elements for BOTH decks. I'm a fan of any game with a variety of ways to play.

    After playing through one game most of the way, there's one thing I would have changed the most of my strategy. On my first turn, I would get mostly cheap guys on the field with 1 Fate, just to keep them around for next turn. That would set me up a lot better on the second turn where I'd have a much stronger military force.

    Personally, I didn't feel like the item attachments were all that exciting. I think I would have rather had just more characters on the field. But as I mentioned a couple times, I like having a wide army with lots of guys versus the way Abe ended up with a tall army, having one big massive guy. The banners would good because it prevented them from bowing during military fights, but most of the items I had gave flat bonuses and I would have rather had just more characters on the field.

    We have a core set so at some point I'm sure I'll poke around and check out how the other clans function.
    And if people enjoyed watching, we could definitely play it again.

    But here's the Facebook group Monjoni was talking about.
    And the Fantasy Flight page with all of the lore and such down at the bottom of the page.
    Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SALLstice View Post
    the Scorpions are more willing to be dishonorable and using sneaky tactics.
    This is slander of the highest order! The NOBLE Scorpion clan demands an immediate apology! It is hardly our fault if the clumsy Lion Clan members keep tripping into pits. If an apology is not forthcoming from the LYING Clan, we will have to take this before the Emperor!

    OK, all joking aside I thought L5R was a pretty fun and interesting game! I also did feel that some attachments were a little dull, and some had abilities I wasn't quite sure were good, but oh well. Normally I actually favor the horde approach you like you discussed. However since units go away each turn unless "upkeep" is paid upfront, and since the upkeep is the same no matter how good the unit is, it seemed like a good idea to pay a lot to keep a really powerful unit around and just load them up. I'm actually glad they built some of the rings to give this tactic a bit of a draw back.



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