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    The new game looks to be as much fun as the old game. Makes me happy. That Last Things Last adventure was a nice little one-shot.

    There were afew people in the chat who were a lot more familiar with this new ruleset than I was and they put up some links at the end of the stream:

    Need to Know Guide

    Agents Handbook

    Handler's Guide (they were saying this one is still having tweaks done to it)

    There's also apparently a Patreon.

    I hope you guys had fun playing the game. It was a ton of fun to watch and, for me at least, brought back a lot of happy memories of role-playing times-gone-by.
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    Yeah, I really liked it a lot.

    We had to cut the stream because of whatever weird Twitch bidness that keeps cutting us out at 3 hours. But the one thing I really wanted to point out was I love settings where death is a possibility.

    Like, I know in D&D you can die. But no one ever does. The game is designed to keep your character alive as long as possible. Frankly, I prefer not that. I was the DM for my D&D group and my players and I agreed death would be a real possibility. It makes the game so much more exciting. It makes rushing in heroically that much more meaningful when there could be real consequences.
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    That's it exactly. You can minimize your risk (at least, most of the time you can) and have a fantastic underlying story in your game, but I really love the idea that there's some things that are just beyond the PC's ability to wade in and deal with... or if you do things that are just plain dumb there's going to be a consequence or two.*

    The original Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green did that pretty well and I'm happy to see that it hasn't changed.

    I was always a little sad that with how huge things like X Files got in the 90's that a game like Delta Green didn't really make it big as well (beyond awards for how cool it was). Conspiracies, monsters, legends, magic, aliens, g-men and all of it in a modern setting. It's up there for my fave RPG.

    *EDIT: Just to clarify, I don't mean that the GM should- or that the game does- punish the players out of meanness, or dis-incentivize challenging encounters. Rather, there's rewards for using clues or thinking outside the box to overcome the challenges. I just mean that unthinkingly wading into combat with everything is often not the best idea.
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    I didn't go to the LVO but I'm still a reasonably OK-ish person.



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