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    Default Alternative Movement has to be scrapped

    Alternative movement has to go! It has to be replaced by simultaneous Game Turns, in which both sides get to Move; Fire and engage in Hand to Hand Combat at the same time. There is nothing more
    depressing, in a game when you have lost first move and are then forced to watch your units disintegrating and being unable to return fire. In real life, we all do things simultaneously.

    When I started in wargaming, we all did simultaneous Movement and Firing, as the rules were written that way. It has the great advantage also, of speeding up play, as I find that big games take far too long and it is very frustrating, hanging around, waiting for your turn.

    Please consider this.

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    You could try using homerules to make this happen, consider how the LoTR game turn works. Give it ago and see what happens
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    Dave Walrus, the only GW game I know in my 28 years of playing their games, that hasn't been IGYG is probably Space Fleet. And maybe the solo play versions of Chainsaw Warrior and Space Hulk, for obvious reasons. in real life combat it is not always possible to manouevre at the same time as the opposition, because of the suppressive effect of fire. As for speeding up play for bigger games, you're probably in the wrong game system if that is what you are worried about - I think mebbe you should try playing against the clock - I have done that with a mate when we have been practising for tournaments, and we took a strict 15 minutes each per turn to get to 6 in 90 minutes. It adds a challenge and makes you think ahead, worth a go.

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    I read a report that said in the early conventions after 8th was released, something like 80% of the armies that went first came away with the win because of the damage inflicted by shooting now. More recently I watched a Guard unit with Russ & Chimera win first turn against DE and shot out about a third of the DE force including two Ravagers. So it would seem that unless you can start the game with a high percentage of troops off the board, if you lose the roll for first turn, blocking line of sight is your only option. Wonder how much bastions cost?



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