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    Default BATTLE REPORT THREAD: Nurgle vs Custodes (1/22/2018)

    Custodian Patrol

    Captain-General Trajan Valoris- 250

    3x Vertus Praetors w/ hurricane bolter- 270

    9x Custodian Guard 6x Guardian Spear, 3x Sentinel blade and storm shield, 9x misericordia -525

    Vexilus Preator w/Vexilia Imperius and misericordia and storm sheild – 149

    Astra Militarum Battlation

    Company Commander -30

    Company Commander -30

    10x Guardsmen -w/ flamer 47

    10x Guardsmen -w/ flamer 47

    10x Guardsmen -w/ flamer 47
    Hellhound w/ hvy bolter and stubber, inferno cannon -105
    1500 CP 6/6

    Chaos Daemons

    Great Unclean One – Bilesword / Plagueflail – 325

    Epidemius – 100

    Daemon Prince – sword-talons – 156

    Spoilpox Scrivener – 75

    21x Plaguebearers – 147

    21x Plaguebearers – 147

    21x Plaguebearers – 147

    7x Nurglings – 126

    7x Nurglings – 126

    3x Feculent Gnarlmaws – 150

    1500 CP 6/6
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    This game really played to the strength of the Custard, imo.

    Matt just didn't have enough shooting units (or smites or whatever) to make a dent in the Custodes before they got in close combat and did what they do best.

    I didn't expect the Praetors to one-shot the GUO. Surely, a unit of them would have to be an auto-include for any Custard player. They seem to me to be too good to leave out.

    I think Abe said it near the end of the show, too, that it would have been different if he had not had his Astra Mil buddies there to recycle CP. We were discussing this in chat a bit; I don't think pure Custard is going to be people's army of choice (as cool as they are), but as a Imperial Soup ingredient, they are great. I'll still be getting some just for the models, I think


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