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    Default BATTLE REPORT THREAD: Thousand Son vs Custodes (1/31/2018)

    Thousand Sons

    Ahriman On Disc of Tzeentch- 166

    Exalted Sorcerer on Disc, w/ inferno bolt pistol and force stave -141

    Exalted Sorcere w/ inferno bolt pistol and force stave -121

    30x Tzaangots w/chainsword and auto pistol – 210

    10x Rubric Marines w/ 8x warpflamers, 1x warpflmare pistol, 1x force stave 1x soul reaper cannon, icon of Flame- 335
    10x Rubric Marines w/ 8x inferno boltgun, 1x infrono pistol, 1x force stave 1x soul reaper cannon, icon of Flame- 225
    5x Scarab Termies- 4x Combi-inferno boltguns, 1x soul reaper cannon, 4x power staves, 1x force stave- 216
    Rhino w/ combi- bolter and havok launcher – 83
    1,497 6/6 cps
    Adeptus Custodes
    Custodian Patrol

    Captain-General Trajan Valoris- 250

    3x Vertus Praetors w/ hurricane bolter and misericordia- 282

    9x Custodian Guard 6x Guardian Spear, 3x Steninel blade and storm shield, 6x misericodriia -513

    Vexilus Preator w/Vexilia Imperius and misericodriaand storm sheild – 149

    Astra Militarum Battlation -Catachans

    Company Commander -30

    Company Commander -30

    10x Guardsmen -40

    10x Guardsmen -w/ flamer 47

    10x Guardsmen -w/ flamer 47
    Basilisk w/ hvy bolter – 108

    1496 6/6 cp
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    Overall, I think JR lost because he didn't focus down my units to kill them. I had one squad of 3 guardsman which were holding an objective and scored me 10 points. If he had thrown a couple bolters their way, that would cost me 10 points and gain him 3. I had one custodian jetbike left. I don't know their value offhand, but if he had killed that last one, that would be a bunch of points. I know it's tempting to want to throw everything you can at the custodian guard as soon as you can, but I think he should have wiped those straggling units off first.

    We both had a couple of really bad rolls which could have swayed things if they had gone better.

    I think JR lost a big chunk of victory potential when we realized he couldn't give his aspiring sorcerers warp time. He had clearly planned that out ahead of time and when that came crashing down he missed a change to burn up my janitors with some warp flames. That certainly would have done a big chunk of damage to them.

    His usage of Death Hex was good. The Culexus Assassin was underwhelming, but she was too far gone from the battle for most of the fight. I don't know why I assume all imperium assassins are female.
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    Yep, I think you nailed it there. A focus on killing that last jetbiker (who are worth 15 VP, I think?) and those remnant guardsmen would have been a big swing.

    Your assassin was way out of place. I think you would have been better served having her (let's keep calling her a female, because why not? ) be Valoris' shadow. I can't recall anything she did in the battle at all; so much so that I asked during the stream if you'd forgotten her.

    If JR had have been able to get his Warpflamer dudes closer to guardsmen, that would have made a big difference, too. I'd like to hear his thoughts, but it looked to me like he had a bit of a go at the Custard and then got all...

    ...fixated with them and pulled all his army into the middle, and let you hold the outer objectives uncontested.

    Also: Hey JR! Q: What do you call a guy with a shovel? A: Doug
    Q: What do you call a guy without a shovel? A: Douglas
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