Last night the roommate (Hi Coffee_Grinder) and I did a 1750 point 95 PL battle. His Primaris Salamanders detachment vs my Death Guard. He conceded at the bottom of 3 due to overwhelming force on the field.

A couple of takeaways

Fire Raptor is TOO powerful without an answer on the other side of the table. For 19 PL it was able to draw the fire and ire of about 27 PL of units and basically ignore them even in Hover Mode.

The Suppurating Plate is an IMPRESSIVE piece of Kit especially on a DP of Nurgle with wings. 9 PL and 180 points made for a mobile highly survivable monster. At one point he weathered the full fire of a Redemptor Dread, A group of flamestorm agressors (44 hits from them alone) A 5 man squad of Hellblasters, a handful of Captains, Lts, and ancients and a 10 man Intercessor squad. Between his 2+ 5++ and 5+ FNP he took a sum total of 1 unanswered wound.

I think that Flyers need some more work. In a similar manner to Flyers not counting for ObSec and Victory conditions, they probably shouldn't count for the Purposes of the Character Rule. Turn 1 I was able to Roll my DP halfway across the board to set up for a turn 2 charge into the Redemptor and all I did was park my Fire Raptor about 2 inches closer to half of his gunline. (Obviously this is an Edge case as the Fire Raptor is an Aerial Main Battle Tank and other Flyers wouldn't have survived as easily but it still seems like a really silly way to protect a dude.) HA HA! My Supersonic Fighter Jet means that you can't shoot me. Deal with it Corpse-Worshipers!

We both needed to make better use of strategems and I kept forgetting my Psychic Phase. Gah.