hello to all i知 following a new project from grimforge miniatures:
Spoils of kadath

it痴 a fantasy skirmish in a lovecraftian city. I love chtulhu, i love fantasy and i love the previews of the miniatures then i知 starting to try the core rules (http://www.grim-forge.com/en/spoils-of-kadath/) with my local gaming group (and i知 looking for other people interested).
i have found the game in a importan convention in italy (modenaplay) where i bought some metal minis (the 4 special character included in the demo) from their stand but they said to me the future release will be in resin and the price will be lowered (the core game will be in kickstarter in the mext months i think but i speack about the price reduction because it was the first doubt of my gaming group).
i know it's a very recent game but i hope to find some opinions ^^