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    Default BATTLE REPORT THREAD: Night Lords vs Night Lords (2/7/2018)

    Having Gathered his forces Lord Drakkhar turns his gaze on an old foe. The renegade Lord Damien. Once a brother in arms, now the leader of a rival band of Night Lords. Such internal division among the Legion cannot stand if Drakkhar is to keep the other powers in check. Damien’s day of reckoning has come at last.

    Night Lords – Lord Damien- 7

    Lord w/ Jumpack – 6

    Sorceror w/ jumppack – 7

    10x Chaos Terminators -28

    5x Chaos Space Marines -5

    5x Chaos Space Marines -5

    5x Chaos Space Marines -5

    10x Raptors – -10

    Chaos Predator – 9

    83pl 6/6

    Night Lords – Drakkhar

    Lord Drakhar – 9
    Exalted Champion -5
    10x Berserkers – 9
    10x Cultist -3
    10x Cultists- 3
    10x Cultists- 3
    10x Noise Marines – 11
    5x Plague Marines -7
    Thousand Sons Detachment
    Exalted Champion Sorcerer – 6
    10x Rubric Marines -14
    4x Spawn -8
    83pl 6/6 cp
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    Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

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    I think JR just took too many risks and the dice went south.

    Separating the Sorceror from the Termys was bad (think of what they could have done with a turn 1 Warp Time charge)

    Separating Damian & Termies so far from the rest of the army was risky, as it allowed Matt to defeat both on his terms and they couldn't support each other in any way.

    Also JR's dice were terribad.

    I think Matt's pre-game voodoo rituals may have helped.

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    I did not expect the terminators to fall so hard to the Warpflamers. I knew they were nasty but still.

    avg(8d6) = 28 hits
    ave(28 hits, wounding 3+ with Veterans of the Long War) = 18 wounds
    ave(18 wounds, saving on 4+ with -2 AP) = 9 damage = 4.5 dead termies

    If I recall, JR lost 6 in my first volley of flame. The dice were certainly not in his favor. To that point, Drakharr very well could have or should have died for realz. He was reduced to 1 wound and any random pot shot could have taken him out.

    Also, my Rhino saving against those 2 lascannons was real clutch. If JR had been able to get into my Bear Shirts he could have torn them up pretty good before I could do much about it.

    Also also, warptimeflamers are the best.
    Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SALLstice View Post
    warptimeflamers wowzer!
    Yep. As long as you have a delivery system for your flamer dudes, they are the baddest of baddasses.

    I am sorry to hear that JR's bad luck continues, though. That said, if the price we have to pay for Matt to become a voodoo priest is for JR to cry every time he even looks at a dice, it's one I'm willing to have him pay
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    Everybody Wang Chung tonight.



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