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    Default AoS BATTLE REPORT THREAD: Daughters of Khaine vs Khorne (2/26/2018)

    Daughters of Khaine & Friends


    5x Bloodstalkers

    5x Khinerai Heartrenders

    Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood

    Hag Queen

    10 Witch Aelfs

    10 Witch Aelfs

    5x Drakespawn Knights

    20x Dreadspears

    20x Darkshards

    10x Darkshards


    Blades of Khorne

    Bloodthirster of Unfettered fury

    Bloodmaster, Herald

    Bloodmaster, Herald

    Slaughter Priest

    20 Bloodletters

    20 Bloodletters

    6x Bloodcrushers

    2x Skullcannons

    40x Bloodreavers


    Twitch and Cosplay inquiries: [email protected]

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    oh man, super close game. came down to my rolling a 3 on burning that objective lol

    but couple notes.

    Morathi is still nuts and never won't be nuts. I re-read the rules and I'm pretty certain you can deal 6 damage total per battle round. Adam seemed certain that it was 3 per battle round but I think he's wrong. Either way, she still nutzo buttzo.

    I should have kept my heartrenders (?) up on the portal hill to get a few shots off per turn and hope for some free mortal wounds. I was too in the mindset of 40k where shooting is prevalent. Khorne had 2 guns and they probably wouldn't have been shooting at my heartrenders sitting on an objective. But maybe they would? Because damage spills over 1 lucky shot from one skull cannon could have wiped out the squad. I guess overall, keeping them back there hidden was the safe option.

    I think I did a good job of keeping pressure where I needed to to make sure Adam couldn't push up where I didn't want him, even though he was pushing a lot. Keeping my witch aelves up and in the bloodletters face slowed them down and because one survived thanks to the witches' brew he wasn't able to charge my dark shards. But even if he did, I made sure to keep them spaced in such a way that he wouldn't be able to push onto the objective, even if he wiped them all out.

    The harpies failed overall. But they are meant to be a strike unit. Because of how the blood rites work, they do way better if you drop them in Turn 3 and they get to reroll hits and wounds of 1. Or even try to move them up near a hag queen for more witches' brew action. That stuff is nasty.

    Overall, though, really good game. Super close, came down to a few lucky dice rolls.
    Everybody Wang Chung tonight.



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