I guess you can tell that a writer is going to have problems with the rules when they mistake 'find' with 'fine', but hey, what was the editor doing?

For those that haven't guessed it yet, this is a broadside against the rules summary by Adam Harry, and his failings in comprehension based on RAW.

1: Shadowsun’s Warlord Trait – Exemplar of the Kauyon "If you end up going second on turn one, then you technically would not have had a turn to “not do” the things on that list. That raises the question on turn one when you’re getting shot at by your opponent, do you even get the benefit of cover? Asked another way, do the T’au get that innate benefit of extra defense vs the Alpha-strike?"

A: Well the answer is in the rules, as this comes into effect if you “not do” those thing in your turn and is explicitly clear. If you've not had a turn, well that's just hard cheese, learn to deploy your units in a way that they can take advantage of their special rules without getting removed from the table first.

2: Notice it doesn’t specify models, just that the UNIT has to target the same enemy unit. So if I have a unit of 10 models and I choose 1 model to target the “Focused Fire” target, and the other 9 models target something else with the remaining shots, my unit is technically targeting BOTH (or up to 9 other targets thanks to split-firing), then I get to add 1 to all my wound rolls. To put it another way, if I have a Stormsurge multi-target the “Focused Unit” and another, I should get +1 to my wound rolls for ALL the wounds.

A: Who ever edits this stuff should have picked this up. First part of the rule makes it clear that the rule effects a single enemy unit, as "an" is a singular term. Do read the full rule, do not cherry pick the parts of the rule that you want to apply. It is explicitly clear that the bonus only applies against an enemy unit that has been targeted, and the bonus is against that unit, not against all others that you split fire against.

Just from the lack of rules comprehension, I think Adam should go back and learn the basics. I also think the BoLS need to up its checking of what it posts on the frontpage, as this particular article has rules comprehension a 12 year old would be likely to s****** at.