I am a returning player, been away from 40k since 6th edition and am returning for my first game of 8th edition. My intention is for a friendly non competitive list that allows me to give a number of units/special rules a go.

Battalion ﹰDetachment 1232 pts;

Saint Celestine 14PR/150pts
2×Geminae Superia 100pts

Canoness w/ Bolt pistol, Eviscerator 4PR/67pts

Battle Sisters Squad 8PR/108pt
7×BS w/ Boltgun, etc
2×BS w/ Flamer
SS w/ Chainsword, Bolt Pistol

2× Battle Sisters Squad 16PR/232pts
14× BS w/ Boltgun, etc
2× BS w/ Flamer
2× BS w/ Meltagun
2× AS w/ Boltgun, etc

2× Imagifier 4PR/80pts

Hopitaller 2PR/30pts

2× Exorcist 16PR/320pts

Vanguard Detachment 268pts

Hereticus Inquisitor w/ Condemnor Boltgun, Powersword 5PR/63pts

6× Arco Flagellants 4PR/90pts

Ministorum Priest 3PR/35pts

Callidus Assassin 5PR/80pts

Any thoughts or changes you would make would be interesting but please keep in mind this is meant to be non competitive and I have no experience with 8th edition 40k.