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    We've just updated the registration pages for 40K, WHFB english and removed some fields.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That should help increase new registrations.
    You need to put a Bolded (Optional) next to the "Real Name" part. That is the part that REALLY scares most people

    Ashendant, can you give me more detail on these:

    * The Category page in the Fantasy Lexi that was recently broken by an update and never fixed?
    This is recent and has appeared roughly at the same time as the Recent Changes gained dark brown boxes around each entry. The problem here is that the Category page is listing every deleted and typoed category(red links with 0 members) in it when it didn't used to. The 40K Category page has no such problems. As this is a important tool I use to keep every category maintained it has become unusuable

    * The fact that the Fantasy Lexi needs to be split in two for both settings?

    We didn't update anything on the wikis before this weekend for a while. So if either of those issues are recent we will have to do some digging to see what's going on.
    This is a very old issue that has been a problem since the 2015, but has been tolerable, with the problems becoming more egregious with time and new releases. The full list of problem can be found in this thread and there are many:

    To be short about it: Two different settings sharing a wiki, that are extremely different in nature, but sharing many of their names results in a sub-standard wiki that needs to be split.

    Using the Import and Export tool we can easily transplant most of the content from one wiki to the other. I already made a list of categories that can be put on that tool to transfer it. The only problem with this one is the images, but Morbus Iff linked me a tool that could be used for it.

    In general all the Lexicanum wikis were really out of date, so there will be some teething issues we have to work through with such a large version update of botht he core wiki and the extensnions. But fundamentally the wikis work. We also got the series of Lexicanum articles rolling again with Games Workshop and they should be appearing regularly on

    I don't think the Fantasy Lexi is ready for that.
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