'Dream Pod 9' (aka DP9) a game company from Canada is currently running another Kickstarter campaign to create more plasic miniture for the tabletop game 'Heavy Gear Blitz!'
Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heavygearblitz/heavy-gear-blitz-peace-river-and-nucoal-plastic-mi/?ref=kicktraq

What is heavy Gear Blitz! ?
It is a skirmish tabletop game set in the future on the planet of 'Terra Nova' were piloted robots (mecha), aka GEARs, dominate the battlefield. Rules for the game are free and are updated frequent. You do not need a big armee to enjoy the game (the starter armies from the Kickstarter campain are more than enough). It is played with regular D6 dice and markers. Material to create and track your army is available for free, too.
DP9 Homepage (Links to free rules and other needful stuff): http://www.dp9.com/

DP9 had already run two more successfull camaigns to create starter armies for the main factions of the game. This time it is all about the factions from the Badlands of Terra Nova: 'NuCoal' and 'Peace River' to conclude all main faction of the game and give them a good starting point with plasic miniatures. The campaign is a good opportunity to get starter boxes from earlier capaigns like:
- North and South - the main superpowers of Terra Nova
- C.E.F., Caprise and Utopia - Invading force from Earth and their allies.

I supported DP9 at the Kickstarter camaigns. The updates give an nice inside look of the prodoction of the miniatures and DP9 allways keeped theire promises. The plasic miniatures of the first campaign are very nice and easier to assable then the regular miniatures that are made of metal or resin.

It would be great if you got interessed into 'Heavy Gear Blitz!', too. And it would be even better if you could support the Kickstarter campaign as well.