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    Default Have we lost our way with 40K'

    I think we have lost our way with the 40K rules, in that we are no longer playing a "Wargame", but playing a game of Monopoly, collecting as many points as we can, as we travel over the tabletop. I have been a wargamer for at least 50 years and this is the first time that an army was totally wiped out, but still won on points. This is not Boxing! Imagine, Napoleon really beat Wellington at Waterloo, because he captured more objectives and collected more points!

    The object of the game is to defeat your enemy by using your own strategy and tactics, to eliminate as many of his units as possible. Capturing objectives is only a means to an end, the end being the defeat of your opponent. Up to the Horse and Musket period, they were not even fighting to cut off lines of supply, they were only there, to utterly defeat the enemy. It was not until the 18th Century that lines of communication became important and had to be defended.

    What we should do is abolish all of these cards and points for objectives and award points for each unit destroyed and an easy way to do this is to give the same points as the unit cost you to have in your army. The concept of giving additional points for the first unit destroyed would also be abolished, but we could still award points for killing the Commander, the same points as he cost to have in your army.

    Let´s get back to Wargaming and stop collecting points for objectives. This will encourage players to develop their skills as a tactician and Commander.

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    Wait, one side was totally wiped out but won on points? That seems to go against the "Sudden Death" rule for Matched Play (p.215):

    Generally a game will not finish before the agreed turn
    limit. However, it is possible to achieve a ‘sudden death’
    victory in the following circumstances:
    1. If one player concedes the battle, the game ends
    immediately and a crushing victory goes to
    their opponent.
    2. If at the end of any turn after the first battle round,
    one player has no models on the battlefield, the
    game ends immediately and their opponent
    automatically wins a crushing victory. Do not include
    any Fortifications when determining if a player has
    any units on the battlefield unless they have a unit
    embarked inside – even the most formidable bastion
    requires a garrison if it is to pose a threat.



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