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    Default [Kicstarter - june 7th] Arena Bots

    Arena Bots is a board game with miniatures taking place in the universe of Eden.
    Play as a pilot ready to prove his talents in a programmed bots fight.
    The base box contains 4 pilots and a set of bots (8 copies of each of the 3 models: PushBot, Arachnobot, RoninBot), the game board, 4 entry areas, 4 decks of cards and 2 special dice.

    Characters :

    Giuseppe, Botmaster

    Giuseppe is a master in the art of driving. He is unmatched in simultaneously driving two bots or temporarily taking control of those of other pilots ...

    Tyka, Overclocker

    Tyka uses her excellent skills in mechanics and robotics to push her bots to the limit of their possibilities and make them perform exceptional feats.

    Igor, Hacker

    Igor has a gift, as a seventh sense. He gets into the systems of his opponents as if he had all the keys. Nothing can resist him.

    Benjamin, Virus Master

    Benjamin did not do a lot of work with his own bots. What he prefers is to mess in the opposing systems.

    Wants more information about the game?
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