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    Default Erie, PA - July 2018 - Warhammer 40k Team Tournament

    Hey Everyone,

    The July 2018 Warhammer 40k Team Tournament will be held on Saturday, July 21st 2018.

    - Army Rosters will consist of 2,000pts (1,000pts per teammate).
    - Players MUST have a teammate to participate!!!!!
    - Please see the attached rules packet for additional information.

    - The tournament will take place at Game Corps in Wesleyville, PA (2920 Buffalo Road, Wesleyville, PA 16510).
    - If you need directions and/or help finding the shop, please let me know.

    - Registration will begin at Noon.
    - Round #1 will begin at 1:00pm.
    - Entry Fee for the tournament is $15 per player ($30 per team).

    - If you have any questions regarding the rules, please let me know.

    *** Early List Turn-In will be due by Friday, July 20th at midnight! Players that turn in their lists early will receive 3 extra Battle Points towards their overall score. ***

    Players can submit lists to Jim ([email protected]).

    The new Games Workshop FAQ's are in effect for this event (and future events). The FAQ changes include the Rulebook & individual Codex FAQ's, as well as the "Big FAQ #1 2018".

    The Big FAQ #1 2018 can be found via the following link:

    The Interim Balance Review will be used at this event (and future events). These rulings include: Increases to detachment command point amounts, Tide of Traitors revision, Word of the Phoenix revision, revisions to Ignore Wounds Abilities, & the Max amount of dataslates per army (max of 3 data slates per army)!

    BETA Rules:
    The Games Workshop BETA rules will NOT be used at this event (and future events). The BETA rules not included are the changes to "Tactical Reserve" & "Battle Brothers".

    If you have any questions regarding the event or FAQ rulings, please let Jim or myself know!
    Hope to see everyone there!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Team Tournament Rules.pdf  



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