What happens to the troops inside a vehicle, if it is attacked in the Fight Phase, when the Consolidation stage of the Fight Phase is reached?_

My Howling Banshees attacked an Ork transport vehicle, before the Orks had had time to disembark. The combat was fought only between the Banshees and the vehicle. The vehicle was not destroyed in the combat, neither were the Banshees wiped out. The Banshees would be allowed to Consolidate 3 inches "...as long as the model ends the move closer to the nearest enemy model..." I put it to you that this means they could Consolidate towards the troops inside, as they have to be the closest, therefore, this would hold them in Combat and the Orks could either fight or break off from Combat only. Would the normal rules about disembarkation apply? (Remember they would be in actual base to base contact) and could they break off and fire weapons if they were allowed to?