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    Default 8th Ed Vehicles Melee

    Ok just picked up 8th edition and my brain is really hung up on how vehicles and melee work now. I understand a certain amount of abstraction but this could just be game-breaking for me personally ...

    So just regular infantry are able to kill vehicles (even reasonably heavy ones) with just masses of regular melee attacks now... Actually with the whole still wounding on a 5+ unless the toughness is at least double this seems like a fairly effective way to wear down some vehicles. Whatever, I can deal with this...

    The bigger issue is around what a vehicle can do once it has been charged by infantry. Some questions ...
    1. Vehicles can't "tank-shock" or run over infantry in any way?
    2. Once a vehicle has been charged it's only recourse is to "fall back"?
    a. When it is trying to move away it can move through enemy units? If it was sufficiently surrounded by infantry it can't move in any way?
    b. So since it had to "fall back" it can't shoot or do anything else?
    c. If it isn't a super fast vehicle the same infantry can just charge it again next round and thus once a not particularly fast tank is charged it is basically neutralized for the rest of the game?

    Sorry if I am missing some rule or if I am getting to hung up on anything that is vaguely realistic/plausible but I am not sure I can get past this. I would appreciate any clarification.

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    Amended. I see tanks get the absurd pittance of a few hit on a 6+ attacks with no AP. So still my basic questions all stand. Does a tank just have to fall back (or make the silly 6+ attacks) if it gets charged? Are mass infantry tar pits now the best thing to neutralize tanks?

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    1. Correct, no tank shock. The vehicle can Charge other units now. As stated most are pitiful, but the Sisters of Battle Repressor gets 9 attacks vs infantry that hit on 5+!
    2. Correct, it can fall back, and can't shoot any non-pistol weapons.
    2a. No it cannot unless it has a special rule that allows this (like the Imperial Knights). It is possible to surround a vehicle and tarpit it.
    2b. Also correct, unless it has the Fly ability (hooray Eldar skimmers).
    2c. Yes, and I have had this happen. But at the same time, a Rhino charging a unit will nullify that unit's shooting if they fall back next turn.

    So, you just have to play vehicles differently, especially vs fast horde armies, and make sure to support them.

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    Ok, related questions about how engaged vehicles impacts disembarking.

    So if a vehicle carrying troops is charged and engaged, the embarked unit can disembark and act normally simply if there is enough room for them to get out within 3'' but not within 1'' of an enemy (say on the other side of the vehicle possibly)? Can they do this before the vehicle moves and the vehicle falls back for its move? Allowing the disembarked unit to potentially shoot and charge the people who were attacking the vehicle?

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    Yup, all that sounds correct. The "Transports" section of the rules says "Units that disembark can then act normally (move, shoot, charge, fight, etc.) during the remainder of their turn," so they could indeed shoot and charge if the vehicle falls back and breaks contact with the enemy unit.

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    I so love my Wave Serpents. But reading this question had me reading the rules again and it would now appear that vehicles can fire overwatch also? Unless of course, they are being charged by Banshee :-).

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    Default 8th Ed Vehicles Melee

    rnMy thoughts were that you use hit modifiers as a means of affecting melee effectiveness in a simultaneous combat. That way its not just 2 vs 2 where youve got to survive the onslaught first or make sure you can strike before them.
    rnIt provides slightly more subtlety in melee tactics than charge=win

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