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    Default Heldrake,Maulerfiend,Varanguard,Primaris,RPG Day OOP, more!

    Here are my latest auctions on eBay. As usual some rare and limited and out of production stuff in the bunch. Thanks for checking this out.

    Auction link...

    -- Heldrake, Chaos Space Marines, magnetized
    -- Maulerfied, Chaos Space Marines, magnetized
    -- Varanguard, 2 models, Warhammer Age of Sigmar/Fantasy, magnetized weapons
    -- 7th Edition 40K Codex books in pristine condition
    -- Various RPG Day 2018 Supplements, OOP
    -- Lego Star Wars
    -- Batman Suit-Up Backpack NEW Detachable Utility Belt, rare
    -- Harry Potter backpack, rare
    -- Star Wars Sweatshirt Blanket R2D2 C3PO 60"X90" Droids
    -- Thor and Loki Itty Bittys Hallmark Marvel NEW Clippys
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    See my latest eBay auctions at



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