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    Default Casualty removal

    Surely when removing casualties, in terms of Models, we should not be removing Models from a unit that were not in "Range" and could not be seen by any Model in the firing Unit. If a Model is out of range or behind cover, it should not be removed and the Shooting casualties should be limited only to those Models in Range and those that can be seen, or else it makes a nonsense of Cover.

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    Actually, it is the prerogative of the player who's models have been killed to choose which figures to remove.

    If you would prefer to remove models "from the rear" that would be out of sight or not in range, you may. This allows you to keep models with expensive equipment or that hold an objective in the game and in better position.

    You can imagine that if a model holding an objective out in the open gets cut down, one of his comrades that is currently in cover will step up from the back ranks and take his place.
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