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    Default Help with Sigismund

    imperialsavanthas made me remember a task.A friend is a fanatic of black templars,and he ask to me about the biography of Sigismund, the First High Marshal of Black Templar.
    I found one, but it's written in German.
    Can anybody help me with the traslation?? From German to English, of course.

    thanks in advance.
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    Theres the english version of it I presume Seems to be much shorter though.

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    yes, I knew yet this version, but i ask for help with german version because is much more complete...

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    a lot of the German article summarized his appearances in the Horus Heresy series (accompanying Dorn to meet with Horus, intercepting the Eisenstein, intervening during the battle for Mars, etc.)

    Part of the article mentions how he came to have the Black Sword and him using it against Horus's forces, but it was difficult for me to read that part. I haven't used german in a long time so it's super rusty for me. Having read the Horus Heresy books allowed me to use that as a crib to figure out the first part, but the rest was rough.

    There isn't much mention of his activities leading the Black Templar.

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    Do you want all of the german stuff translated or only some parts?
    When i got some time i can help you out.

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    oh! thanks a lot !! if you are so kind to traslate all article....

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    K, will do, over the week, when i have some time off work.

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    During the Great Crusade
    Previos and during the Great Crusade Sigismund had been the First Captain of the first Company of the Imperial Fist and the first Champion of the Emporer. He made a patrician apperance matching with his blonde hairs. At this time his armour was was yellow like the rest of VII Legion with the black and withe heraldy of the First Captain. Together with Elfried Captain of the third company he formed a senior staff for the primarch Rogal Dorn like the Mournival of the Lunar Wolves. In this constellation he had been a few months abord the Vengeful Spirit of the 63th expedition Fleet. During the conflict between Konrad Kurze and Dorn who had been seriously injured Sigismund was the first who wanted to stop the primarch.

    In the verge of failing to warn of the betrayal of Horus from the frigate Eisenstein Rogal Dorn Sigismund and other veterans teleport from the Phalanx abord the drifting vessel where they met Captain Garro of the Death Guard. After the report from the start of the Horus Heresy Sigismund got the order to lead the whole battlefleet to Istvan III to fight the traitors while his primarch made a run for terra with the Phalanx. Later they met again on Terra in the imperial palace because it had to be fortified before the attack of Horus.
    Dorn met with Vadok Singh the Warmason of the palace, who talked familiar to Dorn and also called him by his surename. Sigismund and Archamus the chief of Dorns Huscarls were disgusted by this effrontery. Sigismund offerd the Emporer the personly dismounting of the masked statues of the traitor Primarchs in the Investiary an amphitheater in the imperial palace, what made the Emporer laugh.

    Sorry for the bad grammer and hope some can improve the first part of the translation.

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    Sorry for the delay, i was a bit busy the last weeks.

    During the Heresy

    When the Loss of Innocence startet and Adeptus Mechanicus was in open war Sigismund was send to Mars by hie primarch in the company of Camba Diaz to rescue weapons and armour before the traitors could have them.
    Sigismund alighted without resistance in Mondus Occulum the factory city of the local fabricator Kane.
    Given that only the gears had to be assured Sigismund had to leave of against his zeal and abhorrence he had to left Mars for destiny itself.

    As after a short time the whole dimension of heresy came up to the light he was chosen by his primarch because of his devoutness to seek out the Champions of Chaos and bring them death. To his dedication to the Emporer he painted his entire armour black but decorated it with his own marks to confess like the chaplains but to sit himself apart from them. He humbly acceptet this honor but worried to cover the holy colours of his legion.

    He was offeres an ancient mastercrafted powersword with impressing size: the black sword. Today the black sword of Sigismund is one of the most venerated relics of the Black Templars and is kept with other relics in the central shrine aboard the Eternal Crusader. With this sword he masterd his task and sended a lot of Chaos Champions to their Dark Gods. As Rogal Dorn with other loyal Space Marines teleported with the Emporer abord Horus Battle Barge he asked Sigismund to defend the Legion against Chaos until his return. At the getaway of the traitor legions Sigismund had slayed 2 dozen Chaos Champions.

    Second Founding
    After the Heresy he was the first Greatmarschall of the new founded the Black Templars and directed them to an eternal crusade to prove the eternal faithfullnes of the Imperial Fist legion.

    Sorry again for bad grammer.


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