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Thread: DA Rumours

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    Default DA Rumours

    COuldn't see a DA thread, so started a new one. The text is a mix of a poor italian translation and new clarification

    It's just the Dreadnought. DA Dreadnoughts can purchase an offhand autocannon or missile launcher as normal, upgrade their primary gun as normal, or replace both arms with a pair of matching guns to be deemed "Mortis."

    one character prevents you from taking allies from Guard.

    about the Deathwing I heard something about a box containing two hammers and shield and weapon type weapon nemesis that should give FNP to 2 +
    The apothecary is FNP 5+ like normal, only one unit per army, there is a similar-to-warding staff option but not as good and for librarians as it uses a warp charge but is an automatic psychic power that can be shut down only by runic weapons and the like.

    there will be new variants of land speeder ... (And perhaps also one that makes the functions of the storm talon)
    Correct, the Tempest basically. It's can Zoom, comes with a twin-linked assault cannon (not on a turret) and typhoon launcher.

    The presence of 3 banners that will characterize the army and the command team.
    Replacement for the distributed per-squad banners. These are a lot like the SM special characters, they grant a USR for the whole army when purchased and are very expensive, must be modeled (but come as raised image banners in the DA character box) and still apply even if the banner is lost. It's just a visual representation of a way to place points.

    Note: This is also the current direction for the next SM release, where Combat Tactics is renamed Chapter Tactics and is replaced by paying a surcharge on your HQ, instead of having to buy specific characters.
    Named characters still impose their Chapter Tactics as per normal, and are cheaper than a standard HQ + ChapterTax, but it's a nice alternative.

    the DA will have different rules on the use of plasma weapons .. something warming ... to represent the fact that they are experts in using these weapons.
    They can reroll failed armor saves against Gets Hot! and vehicles get to reroll its 4+ to avoid the hull point.

    New aircraft is introduced into the codex DA will not be the storm Talon.
    That would be the tempest from above

    the cyclone missile launcher will have an AA if the model remains stationary for that turn.
    Close but no cigar. Remaining stationary lets you reroll misses with Cyclone launchers against flyers.

    There will be new options for the predator.
    Plasma Destroyer Turret, heavy 3 plasma cannon, no plasma cannon sponsons.

    WW AA will have the option as an upgrade and 3 different types of missile to choose before the game.
    Replace both Castellan and Vengeance with Helios Missile launcher for free. Heavy 1, Twin Linked, Skyfire Interceptor.

    special character chaplain will be introduced
    He's not new, it's Asmodai. He's just making a come back.

    there will be new psychic powers and will be given space to a couple of new units that are not present in the previous codex.
    The first part is true, they get a new Lore with only some resemblance to the current codex. There are 2 new units (outside of the additions of Vanguard and Sternguard).

    There are two basic troops choices and not just one.
    Tactical Squad and Deathwing are troops.

    it comes to AA missile launchers in the new codex .. I do not know, and this refers to the type of the missile destroyers or to those mentioned above.
    Devastators can upgrade to take flakk missiles at +5 points per model, replaces Krak and Frag options.
    via StickMonkey 9-6-2012

    Despite the WD cover, I am hearing Nov/Dec timeframe. Not sure if this is reveal in Nov WD (released in Oct) release in Nov, or reveal in Dec WD...the way the rumors are flowing its getting very difficult to be sure what is meant.

    Here's what my sources have past along:

    New Azrael - PA, helmet on and off options, still with a watcher model holding combi-plasma (supposedly the watchers have an expanded role on table top now, but this is the first I've hear of this and no details given, so lots of skepticism.)
    Azmodai - TA
    Ezekial model staying the same.
    Ravenwing Bike captain
    Named Sargeant (Nameth?)
    Belial gets a model
    Sammael gets a new model (I am not certain, but this could be the bike captain being mistaken)

    Landspeeder-esq flyer. (we've heard this before, so could be rehash) Has Aquila like wings. TLAC, TML, TLPC, TLHvyB (sounded like these were options, not that it had them all at once)
    Plasma Pred (heard this before, too) TLPC turret.
    Deathwing Box (new to me) AC, Cyclone Launcher, THSS x2, LC x2, PS x1, PC, HF, PF x5, SB x5, CF x2 (Lots of bits there, consistent with the load of extras in things like the Space wolf Termies, Plasma Cannon Termie? IBIWISI)
    New Dreadnought type. Mortis options.
    Inner Circle box. Elites. Robed PA. dual unit box. one is CC focus, the other is dual pistols (gunslingers, anyone?) one version uses chaplain helmets.
    Seige unit. (not many details given on this, sounds like techmarine thunderfire type unit, hoping to get more on this)
    via StickMonkey 9-17-2012

    Ok boys and girls. Not going so far as to call these rumors, as I have word only of some drawn art assets, but it could point to potential models and rules so passing it along.

    Got some art of an attack bike with what could be a plasma blaster in the gunner side. definitely plasma. but multiple barrels. could also just be TLPG but the source said it was one weapon not side by side when asked.
    Second shot has a squadron of bikes, 6 bikes + attack bike riding down orks, in the air is a landspeeder, but it has underslung missle pods. Could certainly be creative license.

    Got art of Termie with a plasma cannon, back pack and hoses running behind.
    Termies fighting chaos, one with LC and Cyclone launcher, the rest SB and PF, SGT in front with PS. Lends credence to mixed squads being present.

    Art of supposed new flyer does very much resemble the lightning, with a landspeeder-esque body.
    Shot of chaplain in TA fighting a hellbrute. So obviously wasn't meant for DV as that chaplain is PA.
    Techmarine firing unknown weapon. Looks like a punisher cannon. supported with servo harness and held at hip. one servo arm is feeding belt ammo into it.

    One thing, I've gotten a lot of rumors winging my way of techmarines. IMHO I am not certain some of it might not be for something else down the road. There is no particular fluff reason I'm aware of DA would have a greater than normal emphasis on TM. Iron hands, sure. But not DA.

    Or possible as a first founding chapter there is just more artificer armor present and the art is being mistaken for techmarines...
    via BoLS 10-2-2012

    Jetbike unit mentioned

    via Faeit 10-19-2012

    Matt Ward is the Author

    via GWTilea 10-29-2012

    Deathwing (4 units in the codex)

    Command Squad - 2 wounds like Paladins, WS5 BS5, Command Squad squad upgrades... can have attached Chaplain and/or Librarian. Very pricey.

    Elite Squad - WS5 assault unit with mastercrafted weapons and special options

    Troop squad - Standard DW squad, can have an attached Chaplain

    Heavy Support Squad - BS5 dedicated ranged squad - no assault weapons, more heavy heavy weapons - AP3 Stormbolters.

    Ravenwing (4 units in the codex)

    Command Squad WS5 A2, all members can buy sergeant upgrades, unit has command squad upgrade options.

    Troop Squad - 3-10 bikes, 0-1 Attack bike, gains Ravenwing special rules and options.

    Fast Attack Squad - 1-5 Attack Bike squadron, can split into 2 units

    Land Speeder Squadron - 1-5 Speeders with access to standard equipment, can split into 2 units

    Odds & Ends

    New Dreadnought type - Terminator options.

    Large flyer - transport capacity: 20 (or 10 terminators)

    Chaplains can deploy singly, or join units like Sanguinary Priests.

    Codex should be out between february and april...
    via Stickmonkey 10-31-2012

    Honor Guard Terminator squad unlocked by select HQs (Belial - others???). One such unit per HQ, only one may carry a Chapter Banner. Other banners exist however. Models are W:2 WS/BS:5 Non-scoring. Can take Apothecary.

    Elite Terminators are W:1, WS/BS:5. Unit has new CC options neverbefore seen on termys. Unit size max of 5. Vanguard Strike upon Deepstriking!

    Troops Terminators are standard DW. Sergeant may upgrade to to Chaplain. Can take new options such as Plasma Cannon. Up to 10 models per unit. No more Cyclone/CC option on single models. Mix of CC and Ranged models still permitted withing unit.


    RW Command Squad is only unlocked by select HQ characters. One banner option for RW. No apothecary for RW, with a "Mini-Chaplain" upgrade instead. This option provide a Litanies buff his unit only.

    Troop RW squad matches the current RW bike squad, minus the Speeder.

    RW Attack Bikes - plasma gunner option
    RW Land Speeders - plasma gunner option

    via Stickmonkey 11-1-2012
    Azrael - Artificer or Terminator options. New model. Lions Helm grants 3+ Inv., Lion's Wrath grants Gets Hot rerolls (army-wide?), Master crafted Plasma Blaster (see Horus Heresy book?), Sword of Secrets is Sx2 Master Crafted Power weapon. Watcher in the Dark model is W:1 5+ Inv, with no other stats. It cannot be targeted by anything including blasts, and must stay within 2" of Azrael or is removed. Watcher can take Look Out Sirs.

    Belial - Terminator armor. New model. Eternal Warrior 2+ Inv!!! Grants Elites Deathwing Termys Heroic Intervention if he is attached. Cannot take options, Master Crafted Strombolter. Sword of Secrets is a Relic Blade with an additional effect. Belian grants a buff to Termys within 6".

    Sammael - If mounted in his Speeder, unlocks scoring Speeders. Can also take his normal bike.

    Azmodai - Current model (finecast) Unlocks no units. His Litanies grants a longer ranged more potent buff.

    Ezekiel - Current model (finecast), Psyker Level 3

    Barakiel - Master of the Forge. Armed with a "Reaper Cannon" - 36" S:5 Assault (6 or 12?) AP:3 Extremely Expensive in points.

    Librarian - Power Level 1 (upgrade to 2)
    Company Master - Power Armor, or Terminator armor
    Interrogator Chaplain
    Command/Honor squad Terminators or Bikes with Belial or Sammael respectively, Apothecary, Standard bearer, 1x Heavy weapon upgrades. W:2 regardless of armor, or bikes.


    Chaplains / Brother-Interrogators - Unit size 1-3. Chaplain style death masks, dual bolt pistols and power maul. (can upgrade pistols). B-I have an increased BS over regular chaplains and can operate independantly as IC or join units, B-I only buff the unit they join with litanies (more potent version), while non-upgraded chaplains buff a 6" bubble. B-I are only characters if independent, and cannot leave attached units (similar to Wolfguard).

    Inner Circle Unit Terminator armor. W:1, Heroic Intervention if Belial is attached to the unit. WS/BS 5. They get a cover save upon deepstriking. "Lion-themed" visually. Entire unit can purchase Sergeant upgrades. No heavy weapons, Unit max size:5. Categorized as Deathwing Assault Unit

    Dreadnought - Venerable and Mortis options. Categorized as Deathwing Assault Unit.

    Scouts - Land Speeder Storm as dedicated transport. "Markerlight" effect targets one enemy unit - other Dark Angels units then get a bonus (reroll to hit?) versus the unit as long as the Scouts are within line of sight to thier "Fallen" target. Teleport Homer. Sergeant Namaan (WOOHOO!!) returns, granting Reserve rerolls to all Death Wing units.


    via Stickmonkey 11-6-2012

    Deathwing Terminators - Same general layout as we have now, but with additional Plasma Cannon and Autocannon heavy weapon options.

    Tactical Squads - The old classics we all love, moving on...

    Ravenwing Bike Squad - Up to ten bikers, for each 5 bikes, you may upgrade one to an Attack bike. Attack bike gunner options are: HB, MM, HF, Twin-linked Plasmagun!. Squad can Combat Squad and has Teleport Homers.


    Ravenwing Landspeeder Support Squad - Same as now, but gunner option are: HB, MM, HF, Twin-linked Plasmagun!

    Ravenwing Bike Support Squad - Full Attack Bike unit (could also be a duplicate report of the TROOPS Bike Squad)

    Assault Squad - Same old classic jump-pack squad we have now.

    Ravenclaw Air Superiority Fighter - Dual "Reaper Cannons" allowing Snap Shots on flyers. Can be replaced with 2x Missiles, or 2x Plasma Cannons.
    via MarikLaw 11-7-2012
    Little birdy told me that Dark Angels Tactical Squads will be able to take a Heavy Flamer as a heavy weapon option. Was also told that the Heavy Flamer option would not be unique to Dark Angels and that subsequent Marine book Tactical Squads would get Heavy Flamers as well.

    Another word from the same little birdy as before: The plasma re-roll special rule that Azrael gets is also a "Chapter Tactic" that most characters (excluding named ones) can get, albeit for a points increase (not cheap either, apparently).
    via Stickmonkey 11-12-2012

    Predator - Plasma and "Reaper Cannon" new main gun option, no new sponson options - new model kit possible (and the Predator is kind of an old kit).

    Whirlwind - Flakk missile option.

    Land Raider - Dark Angels get all the current Imperial types. Deathwing can take then at dedicated transports.

    Dreadnought - The classics that we know and love, moving on...

    Devastator Squad - Flakk missile option.

    Vindicator - Nothing new here...

    Siege Cannon - Techmarine's mortar-like cannon. Multiple sources speak of this model being somehow interchangable with Imperial Guard artillery kits to round out the last missing models. ~Editor's note: the Griffon perhaps?


    Rhino - Standard rules.

    Razorback - Standard rules, new updated model kit with ALL turret weapons options mentioned.

    Land Raider - Deathwing Terminators ONLY.

    Land Speeder Storm - Scouts only.

    Battle Bunker - from the Wall of Martyrs kit.

    via Stickmonkey and Faeit 212 11-19-2012
    Dark Angels Scheduling:

    - Dark Angels devoted White Dwarf for January

    - Miniatures go up for pre-order end of December and are available very early January. ~So save up some of your holiday money!

    Rules-wise we hear the following:

    -Sammael still rides the Imperium's only functioning jetbike.

    -Larger sized Tactical Squads have been reported ~perhaps the 1st Chapter is still holding onto some of the "old Legion ways"???

    -Standard "Green Dark Angels" are well represented with 8 unit choices across the codex. It won't be all Deathwing and Ravenwing.
    via Stickmonkey 11-26-2012
    Expected Dark Angels Launch miniatures:

    Deathwing Box
    Ravenwing Box
    Dark Angels Powered Armor Box
    Mystery Large Vehicle

    3 New Characters:


    ...existing characters moved to finecast.

    Dark Angels recieve a Full codex - not a White Dwarf update.

    via Italian forum: GWtilea 11-27-2012
    - Whirlwind will get recut with a third missile rack with a single big missile (AA skyhammer option?)
    - Two new flyers - one smaller and one bigger (rumored Darktalon and Nephilim from BL book?)
    via anonymous 12-12-2012
    Land Speeder variant which has an ancient statue from the Fortress-Monastery. Using channeled warp energy, it creates and impenetrable field of darkness beneath and behind itself.

    Dark Talon
    Flyer of unknown size which operates in squadrons, armed with hurricane bolters, maybe more.

    Nephilim Strike Fighter
    Variant on the Avenger, has wingtip-mounted Blacksword Missiles and an Avenger weapon system.

    Black Knights
    The Ravenwing elite, they have plasma weapons on all their bikes, and instead carry raven head-shaped thunderhammers into battle, with the Hunt Master having a corvus hammer.

    via White Dwarf / Faeit 212 12-20-2012
    Dark Talon: Rift Cannon, Hurricane Bolters, Stasis Bomb (one-use, dropped on an enemy for -3 WS and -3I)

    Nephilim Fighter: Heavy bolters, Blacksword missiles (unit is "good at taking on enemy flyers"), Avenger mega-bolter / Las-cannon.

    Deathwing Command: Options incl. Apothecary and Standard bearer. A "Champion" wielding the "massive Halberd of Caliban" is cited.

    Deathwing Knights: Terminators - WS5, Storm Shields, Power-mauls and special rules, incl. Hammer of
    Wrath and "Smite" which makes them strike at S:10 AP:2 for one round. DW Terminators and the DW Knights can be fielded in units of 10. DW can take Plasma Cannons and they have the USR "Split Fire"

    Land Speeder Vengeance: AC/HB, Plasma Storm battery (firing either 3 small blasts or 1 large blast).

    Darkshroud: HB/AC, Shrouded USR and confers Stealth to allies within 12".

    RavenWing Black Knights: Plasma Talons (instead of bolters), Corvus hammer (???), optional RavenWing grenade launcher.

    Sammael: 4+ (conferred to his land speeder)

    Dreadnaught: dual linked-autocannons, Venerable dreadnaught has "DW vehicle" rule (???)


    DW Knights and Black Knights have a rule called "Inner Circle" granting a re-roll in close combat (???).

    "DW Assault" rule ensures Deepstrikes in turns 1 or 2 with no rolling, decided by the DA player before the game begins.

    via White Dwarf / Faeit 212 12-26-2012
    Deathwing Knights
    T:5 when packed in close together
    Smite (one use ability which lasts one turn)
    Optional Land Raider as a Dedicated Transport

    Deathwing Terminators
    1 per 5 may upgrade to the following:
    Heavy bolter
    Plasma cannon
    Assault cannon
    Cyclone missile launcher
    Optional Land Raider as a Dedicated Transport
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    All sounds reasonable and easily representable with current kits plus a few new ones to mkake it a fairly efficient release box-wise e.g.:

    • New multi-purpose IG style character/command sprue
    • New predator
    • Finally a proper rifleman style dreadnought

    Won't like it if you pay extra AND have to give up your current missiles for flakk. One or the other sounds more reasonable. Wonder if they will roll this out to other armies via an FAQ (preferable) or just update codices one at a time.

    Be nice to see some whirlwinds on the tables again.

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    I kinda like the choose one or another - it makes it more of tactical choices. And it doesn't make your units completely useless if (in this case) enemy wont bring any planes to the table, since you can still use your weapons to fire at ground targets (and if you hit only 6'es, you can move as well cos it doesn't make your chances any better)

    My terminators are a bit fearfull of the amount of plasma those dudelings will be able to wield.

    I usually play against two friends: another plays chaos space marines, and another plays orks (now most likely decided to go with the starter box DAs)

    Those are gonna be brutal matches with elite plasma dudes and lots of lots of hordes coming towards my puny Grey Knight terminators

    All in all, game evolves, and brings new stuff and rules and so on to the game. Couln't be happier!

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    those are rumors? rly the dark angels get mortis dreads... wow. this just in DAs to have bolt guns in there tactical squads!! pffff everything here already exists in a previous codex or is already FW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLove42 View Post
    COuldn't see a DA thread, so started a new one. The text is a mix of a poor italian translation and new clarification
    if you need help with a translation I'm italian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLove42 View Post
    special character chaplain will be introduced
    He's not new, it's Asmodai. He's just making a come back.
    This makes me unreasonably happy.

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    Default Character which prevent Guard allies

    Must be a Chaplin perhaps Asmodai or perhaps the Chapter Master? All those fluff stories about leaving other armies in the lurch.

    Also makes me think of Cypher for some reason - but that was more him causing unrest with allies - the thinking was that he'd be an allied contingent in white dwarf right?

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    The only thing I dislike about these rumours... how long other SM books will have to wait to get the same tweaks to stuff they already have. That is, skyfire options on Whirlwinds, etc.
    Armies Played (in order of acquisition)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kawauso View Post
    The only thing I dislike about these rumours... how long other SM books will have to wait to get the same tweaks to stuff they already have. That is, skyfire options on Whirlwinds, etc.
    Perhaps, but personally I hope (and honestly believe) that after the DA codex the other Marine armies will be errata'd to include those options (flakk and skyfire).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMichael View Post
    Perhaps, but personally I hope (and honestly believe) that after the DA codex the other Marine armies will be errata'd to include those options (flakk and skyfire).
    See I'd love to believe that...

    But how long were BT and DA waiting on 3++ storm shields, etc.? Space Wolves and Blood Angles too, prior to their new books.
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    Crons, SW, SM, Tau, 1k Sons, IG, Nids, BA, DE


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