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    So essentially the argument here is whether : FAQ > BRB FAQ> Codex > BRB OR FAQ > Codex > BRB FAQ > BRB?

    I always considered the reason they put the ruling in the BRB FAQ was to cover all instances of +1 or whatever to Reserves, since the Astropath is NOT the only thing that can do this. I've always been a fan of Codex > BRB.... But I have always considered the BRB FAQ to have a more definitive ruling than the Codex, since the FAQ is more recent. The IG codex was written when taking them as Allies or taking Allies with them didn't exist or was limited to archaic codices such as Daemonhunters and Witchhunters. I guess either GW will have to FAQ this ruling or state definitively the priority order that the FAQ's and Rulebooks go into. Otherwise I see this thread going around in circles :P

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    no, that's not the argument.
    We know that the FAQ beats out.

    What we are arguing is the philosophy of the rules:
    Does army special rules apply to allies?
    Do they apply to enemy models?

    I say, army special rules do not apply to enemy models. Allies of Convenience and Desperate Allies are 'enemy models' according to the main rulebook. Therefore, a rule like 'telepathic relay' will not apply to anything but Battle Brothers.
    The FAQ goes further: no.

    What about other special rules. The FAQs have even stricter interpretation, on the whole: slews of special rules do not apply to allies. Note that the rules that are mentioned are ICs that apply rules to units they join. The only ICs that can join ally units are Battle Brothers.

    If one takes this interpretation further, the conclusion is that special rules from one army do not apply to an ally army.
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